What People Are Saying

"Fun Loving with a Gentle Spirit"

We love our Lucy. She is 4 years old and such a fun loving with a gentle spirit. She loves to give hugs and kisses to us.

- Doug and Debbie Pacas

"My Dream Dog"

As you know Arnold I have dreamed of having a standard! Male or female neutered or spayed of course I have been thru stage 4 cancer Plus open heart surgery 2 years ago! Still have complications from vein stripping in my legs I don’t have a lot of money But l do have lots a love a nice home with fenced yard and a lovely lake to go for long walks. I am single... My dream is to share this life with my dream dog and to visit Senior Community’s with my dog ! God willing This dream may come true!

- Carolyn W. Jones

What People Are Saying


"Great Advice"

  "This is just a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying our Remi. She has been so easy to get attached to. The advice you gave me about her sleeping in her kennel has worked nicely. We hope to bring her to visit very soon. Thanks!"

- Kathryn Plumlee and the family 

"She is so Smart"

"I just wanted to give you an update on Simone! We love her and she is doing great -- she has such a GREAT temperament and is beautiful! She has been to my classroom several times and the students are amazed at her rapid growth!

She is a little over 12 weeks old and weighs 18 pounds now. Also, she is crate trained, rarely has an accident inside (only urine, IF ever), and barks at the bath tub when she is out of water. She also loves to try to get IN the bathtub with anyone she can...ha ha (thus, the water association, I guess).

She is so smart, intuitive, and sensitive, it is amazing. My sister teases that she is jealous, as her 2 year old Bichon is STILL not totally house trained!

At twelve weeks, Simone sits, lies down, and rolls over. Simone does all of these tricks to hand signals (thank you very much)!"

- Christine

"So Pleased"

"I want to let you know how pleased we are with our Standard Poodle puppy, Samson. As you know, I am a former Police Canine Dog Handler, and I tend to expect more out of my dogs than the average 'bear'. At 4 months of age, Samson is everything we hoped he would be and more. He is absolutely wonderful with people of all ages as well as other dogs. Last night, he started a Basic Obedience Class with the Louisiana Capitol City Obedience Club. At his age, he should have gone into the Puppy Class. However, the Basic Instructor evaluated him and pronounced him ready for Basic. In fact, he did far better than many of the older dogs in the class. They were so impressed with his personality and disposition that they asked us to put him into their Pet Therapy Dog Program. To say that we are thrilled with Sammy would be an understatement! We appreciate your diligence in breeding and socializing such great dogs."

- Hal and Janet

Baton Rouge, LA

"I am Thrilled with Her"

"Maggie is everything we were hoping for and more. She loves the big dogs and wants to eat the cats. My vet is thrilled with her. She's outgrown her crate and moved into a big girl bed. She's made her place at the high school and the kids really look forward to the days when she comes to school."

- Ellen

Riverside, CA

"Excellent Disposition"

"We are enjoying Charley so much! He has turned out to be a great retriever and family member with an EXCELLENT disposition. Please let me know what litters and information you have or will have in the near future!"

- Bruce & April Hicks

"So Impressed"

"Just want to let you know how well Connor is doing. At 10 weeks of age he weighs a healthy 15lbs-8ozs. He is a great puppy and was fully house-trained in only 2 weeks! We're going through the chewing stage at the moment, but know that this soon will pass. We're so impressed at how well socialized Connor was when he came to us. He loves everyone!

Thanks again for a wonderful dog!"

- Richard & Anne

Little Rock, AR